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Improve the Appearance of Sagging Skin

As people age, the skin ages too, losing its natural collagen and elasticity. Until recently, surgical procedures were the only option for truly relieving this concern. However, Sciton’s advanced technology allows for a new way to address sagging skin without the need for significant downtime associated with surgery. It’s called SkinTyte, and it can be used anywhere on the face, neck, or body!



Treatment Type

30 Min

Treatment Time




Back to Work

20 Min

Total Recovery Time

3-12 Months

Duration of Results


Number of Treatments Needed

What It Treats

Body Wrinkles

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Belly Skin Laxity

Loss of Elasticity

Sagging Skin

Consultation for a SkinTyte Treatment

Everyone’s skin is different. SkinTyte allows your provider to design a plan to fit your unique skin type, treatment area(s), and aesthetic goals.

SkinTyte laser technology offers a completely customizable treatment to precisely target skin laxity, one of the most prominent and visible signs of aging.

During an initial consultation for a SkinTyte laser treatment, your provider will assess your areas of concern and recommend the number of treatments needed to achieve your goals.


The SkinTyte Experience

During a SkinTyte appointment, your provider will identify the exact area to be treated.

He or she will apply the device, also used in BBL treatments, and pass over the skin a total of four times. Each of these passes delivers a gentle heat into the treatment area to promote collagen production, while simultaneously maintaining optimal temperature on the skin’s surface to keep the treatment comfortable and downtime minimal. The result is a new, stronger collagen layer that can last up to 12 months or more with continued maintenance.


Patients can expect mild redness and swelling similar to a sunburn sensation,and tightness of skin, for a few minutes following the procedure.

However, most patients apply make-up and return to normal activities immediately following treatment.

SkinTyte® is typically performed as part of a series approximately 4-8 weeks long depending on depth and coverage area of the treatment, as well as the health and integrity of the skin being treated.

Before & After

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3 months post 5 SkinTyte™ treatments

Courtesy of Teresa Mann, MD

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2 months post 3 SkinTyte™ treatments

Courtesy of Sara Molsbee, RN

The Sciton Difference

Revolutionizing Professional Skin Tightening

Sciton’s commitment to patient care and comfort have driven us to develop some of the most highly sought-after laser treatments in the world.

Patients receiving SkinTyte treatments can expect remarkable skin tightening results that were previously unachievable through non-surgical methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Ask about SkinTyte today. Your skin will love you for it! Each SkinTyte treatment is customized for your skin and your lifestyle. In order to find out which is the best option for you, please visit a provider near you for a consultation.

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