Sciton Inc. Launches Revolutionary BBL HEROic: A New Era in Pulsed Light Technology

PALO ALTO, Calif.April 7, 2024 — Sciton Inc., a pioneer in medical and aesthetic laser and light source technologies, proudly unveiled BBL ® HEROic™ this weekend at the inaugural Skin CEO event in Austin, TX. This latest addition to the award-winning BBL product line represents a significant leap forward, incorporating Intelligent Control™ (IC™), and the unique Skin Positioning System™ (SPS™) for unmatched patient outcomes.

Intelligent Control acts as the system’s “brain”, adeptly processing 3D spatial data for precise, automated pulse delivery. This innovation, alongside the new autodynamic pulsing feature, adapts to the operator’s speed, dramatically reducing full-body treatment times while ensuring uniform results across treatments.

Emphasizing patient safety, the technology simplifies the training process for new or less experienced technicians without compromising patient outcomes. BBL HEROic promises transformative results, delivering healthy, clear, and rejuvenated skin after just a single session. Kathy Ziegler, Director of Product Management at Sciton, shared her enthusiasm: “BBL HEROic is set to redefine the pulsed-light industry. By integrating Intelligent Control with our BBL HERO™ technology, we’ve responded to the demand for a light-based treatment that is not only faster and more efficient but also accessible to staff across all skill levels, promising remarkable results.”

Leveraging advanced machine intelligence, BBL HEROic tracks the treatment handpiece in six degrees of freedom for real-time, multi-dimensional positioning, ensuring precise pulse placement on both flat and contoured body areas.

Available on both the JOULE ® X and mJOULE ™ platforms, BBL HEROic seamlessly integrates into aesthetic practices of any size, boosting patient demand and increasing revenue. Sciton will host six regional seminars across the country, offering providers an in-depth look at BBL HEROic, complete with hands-on demonstrations.

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